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[community profile] muskratjamboree was WONDERFUL. I was going to be really brief about this but after I started writing it I got carried away and now this is super long. Though some things are left out because either a) they are not that interesting, b) they do not belong in an LJ post or c) I am having a hard time remembering some things clearly because I was under the influence of alcohol for a good portion of the time.

Okay, so technically the con didn't start til Friday, but a bunch of fangirls decided to get dinner at the Cheesecake Factory on Thursday night, so against my better judgment (I had a TON of work I needed to do), I went with everyone. It was fun and lovely, and I got to know some of the people I'd be spending the next few days with. I also earned the trust of a couple people by recommending the Strawberry Creamsicle, which is essentially an alcoholic smoothie.

I honestly don't really remember what we did after dinner until bed. I remember sitting around in [profile] qe2's room for a while beforehand and running back to my apartment with [personal profile] zeenell to grab speakers and a book and that it was raining a LOT, but not much else. And then once we were in bed we were trying to figure out the sleep numbers because my bed was pretty hard, and ALL OF THE CONTROLLERS CONTROLLED [personal profile] etcetera_cat'S BED. So basically she sunk into a black hole and it was like that for the rest of the weekend. Poor bb!

Allllll of the panels. Woke up around 7:45 (and by 7:45 I mean 8:15) to get down to the con suite in time for icebreakers. I didn't really do the icebreakers though, but I seem to remember [profile] likeaglass and a few others crossing out the questions to write kinkier ones... One was definitely "What are your thoughts on anal?" and of course we had, "Cake or death (and if cake, which kind?)?"

Then I went to the Fandom Mart panel with [personal profile] zeenell, where we pimped out The Social Network. Basically the way we described it was, "Believe it or not, TSN isn't really about Facebook; it's about Justin Timberlake breaking up boyfriends." Which is more or less true. Then we talked about how Andrew has admitted that he's in love with Jesse multiple times and how Jesse loves cats and basically just squeed about them for five minutes without saying much of what the actual movie was about. Apparently some people became interested enough to come to our room party later to watch it for the first time, though, so mission accomplished! I didn't know any of the other fandoms people pimped, though I've heard of some of them, but that was the whole point. I am always up for trying new fandoms so I will be checking some of them out when I get a chance!

Then I went to [personal profile] merelyn's panel, Fannish Activity Spread Outside of LJ. I was a complete sucker for all the meta panels, as you will soon find out, so this was pretty awesome. She explained the concept of this panel to me when we hung out in New York City so I knew some of what to expect, but that certainly didn't make it any less interesting. We talked about the different types of social media and fannish websites like twitter, tumblr, AO3, etc. and what each of them can be best utilized for. As much as I love squeeing about things, this was a really interesting meta panel to begin with.

Sherlock panel was next. While there was squee, I was somehow surprised at the amount of TV nerd talk there was. I am used to that at my school but not always with fans. People were talking about how much they loved the graphics and the slick look of the show, and we compared the unaired pilot to the aired one. I can never run out of good things to say about the show but we talked about the things we thought could have been improved as well. *cough*episode2*cough*

Lunchtime! Neither of the 1:00 panels drew my interest that much so I ran off to have a long lunch, but I don't remember where. Probably City Place (the food court).

Next was As Others See Us: Fanfic and Mainstream Media. I liked this one a lot because we just talked about this in my fandom class 2 weeks ago. I brought that up and talked a bit about how I found it interesting that the people in my class who weren't involved in fandom defined fan fiction in a much broader sense than people involved in fandom. We talked a lot about JK Rowling and other authors who either publicly support or denounce fanfic and how a lot of outsiders (including family members and friends) don't necessarily view fanfic writing as an art.

Continuing with my meta marathon, next up was Slash and Sexual Identity: Why Being A Lesbian Doesn't Mean You Can't Love Cock. I think this was probably my favorite panel just because it was so personal for so many people. A lot of people talked about how discovering/reading slash helped them understand their own sexuality and realize that they weren't weird or alone for feeling the way they felt. I spoke up and said I didn't even know what homosexuality was until I discovered slash, so when I finally did, my interest in females made SO much more sense because I realized that that girl I ~reallyreallyreallywantedtobefriendswith when I was 10 was actually a crush. It felt intimate to hear other people's stories, but it was also mostly lighthearted and we had a very interesting conversation about why slash is or is not feminine, and what we get out of reading/writing male slash.

Then our Social Network room party happened! [personal profile] zeenell made mudslides while [profile] psuedo_catalyst and I pulled up Andrew and Jesse vids and interviews to show people before the movie. Then after the movie everyone was sad so we watched happy vids, which were Bad Romance, Billionaire (lol ~shameless self-plug), and Hot 'n' Cold. If anyone that was there or is curious about the fandom is interested, [profile] psuedo_catalyst and I have a reclist at our delicious.

VID SHOW. It was awesome. I was pretty drunk by the middle of it due to having two mudslides earlier and then two amaretto sours and a mixed drink with [personal profile] laura47 during the first half. No thanks to the technical difficulties that allowed me to leave the table and grab more booze. :P The Donna and Harry Potter vids made me/everyone in the room cry. I am too lazy to find the links but if you weren't there and want to know what I'm talking about, comment and I shall find them.

DANCE PARTY. It was also awesome. There was a party foul pretty early on where a glass broke in the middle of the dance floor, but it was cleaned up pretty quickly and I was drunk so I didn't pay attention to it for very long anyway. I danced with a lot of awesome people and had a pretty emotional heart-to-heart that ended in a lot of tears and people asking me if I was okay (and one person telling me that I looked like she did after the Harry Potter vid). Good tears! :)

Fast forward to more drunken shenanigans (ie I think this is when [personal profile] sansets accidentally punched [profile] meletor_et_al in the face) and sleep number madness.

Woke up to [personal profile] etcetera_cat saying, "It's 9 AM; who wants anal?!" and [profile] likeaglass making some groany "Go the fuck away" noise, which was shocking! But of course [personal profile] etcetera_cat was referring to the anal panel. I sluggishly got out of bed and grabbed breakfast with [personal profile] sansets and [profile] psuedo_catalyst at Dunkin Donuts. Didn't make it back in time for the Community panel so instead I went over to the arts and crafts table and created this abomination and pasted googly eyes on everything from Matt Smith to Alyson Hannigan.

Then I got a text while I was placing but not actually gluing googly eyes onto pictures that people might've actually wanted to use, and I was asked to be in the opening of the live music show I'm working on (for the Kevin Bright Workshop, for those of you who know what that is). Basically I went over to Sweetwater's basement, was handed a red solo cup, and had to act like I was drunk. Well that was not hard.

Then I ran over to [personal profile] ocelotspots and [personal profile] laura47's Community room party. We ate pizza and mozzarella sticks and watched lots of outtakes, which were pretty hilarious. I wasn't really feeling up for any panels for a while so I stuck around afterward to chill out and vid for a while (started my Club Vivid vid, finally!). Then [personal profile] laura47 and I went to the Threesomes, Foursomes, and Moresomes panel run by [personal profile] novembersmith and [personal profile] laliandra (where I had to explain who JDM was in relation to Jared and Jensen to Laura). I was amazed at the amount of fandoms people mentioned with threesomes or moresomes commonly written in fic. We also talked about how threesomes and polyamory aren't actually canon in anything (except White Collar, lolol) and why we thought that was. More interesting and intelligent fangirl discussions! Great way to end the panels.

Went to PF Changs with [personal profile] laura47 and [personal profile] ocelotspots for dinner. They told us it would be a 30-40 minute wait and we definitely waited for over an hour, which kind of sucked. Luckily the waiter was awesome and got us out of there with a ten minutes to spare to go to Jacques.

JACQUES. OH MY LORD. I never expected to find myself sexually attracted to a drag queen, but that happened. It started off a little meh to be honest but it really picked up after a few songs and I had a lot of fun. I just loved when Tracey was brought up on stage and the host asked what the special occasion was, and she said "We write porn." And then the host asked the only boy at MJ what he was doing there, and he said "I write porn, too." And then a bachelorette was brought up and she was adorable but her special occasion definitely paled in comparison to ours and I felt a little bad. BUT WHATEVER, DRAG QUEENS! Not that I wasn't expecting to have a good time, but I enjoyed myself way more than I thought I would.

Got back to the hotel and went to the Doctor Who room party. I didn't really know anyone there but recognized a few people from panels and had a great discussion about the Doctors and companions while I drank a Sonic Screwdriver (which was delicious). Got back to my own room party (which was apparently happening) and a bunch of us went over to the connecting room to watch Aspen Extreme, which is a hilariously bad Paul Gross movie. For some reason I was gifted with the ability to type well while drunk, so I made a post to the comm inviting other people to come by. That's when I met [personal profile] faith_girl222, who I ran into multiple times throughout the weekend, and we talked about Vancouver and how everything awesome films there. I don't remember much after that. I didn't even think I was that drunk, but apparently I was drunk enough to not remember some things!

Woke up early to say goodbye to people and go out for an early breakfast at South Street Diner with all the 1610/1612/rooming google doc fangirls. The waiter actually believed that [personal profile] etcetera_cat's British accent was real this time, which was a triumphant moment for her, and food was yummy. We said goodbye to more people after that and a small group of us hung out for the rest of the day (which again, was against my better judgment since I didn't get a lot of work done on Thursday). This included planning Claire-con 2012, [profile] likeaglass yelling something about skull-fucking in the middle of City Place and two 30-something women giving her INCREDULOUS looks, making a woman RUN out of an elevator (even though we weren't really talking about anything that bad, IIRC), and me and [personal profile] zeenell being told off by church ladies in an elevator for swearing about our key card no longer working. Um yeah, this would be a good time to mention that our rooms were surrounded by fangirl rooms the whole weekend so we wouldn't get noise complaints. AND THOSE ROOMS WERE FILLED BY PEOPLE IN A CHURCH CONVENTION WHEN THE FANGIRLS LEFT. Trololol.

Anyway, then we had dinner at a German pub down the street where the food was awesome and the service was not (we had to wait 15 minutes even though we had a reservation and were at the table for over two hours-- not cool, bro). Then we went back to the room and watched behind the scenes of Merlin videos, which are always a valid life choice. Finally I decided I needed to go home at 10:30 because I had to put together a presentation for 10am the next morning.

So THANK YOU to everyone that made this con awesome, including the organizers, all the fangirls, and the hotel staff for being patient and apparently appreciating our presence. This was a lovely, unforgettable weekend, and I am glad to have met so many of you! Please keep in touch! <3


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